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EP#7: Burnout and Your Brain

Our primitive brain can be an asshole sometimes. This is the part of our brain that keeps us safe and alive. It is constantly scanning the horizon for danger. You know, lions and tigers and bears and stuff. It doesn’t know we live in a world of Whole Foods and WiFi now….so it can get …

EP#6: Charting Solutions

When most physicians think about charting, it is definitely a negative thought process. The problem with this is, when you have negative thoughts, you get negative results. Come join me to learn about my favorite charting solutions to make your work day easier and to help you emerge from burnout.  Find me on Instagram at …

EP#5: 3AM Phone Calls

The most common cause of physician burnout is bureaucratic tasks, or our thoughts about these tasks. The way we tackle these tasks matters to our overall well being. So come listen and learn some tools so you can tackle them like the Bad-A that you are. Podcast: Play in new window

EP4: Feeling Stuffers Unite

Lesson one of medical school was How To Stuff Your Feelings 101. We have to be Feeling Stuffers to some extent to do our job well, but doing it too much can lead to burnout.  Today we will define what a feeling is and I will teach you how I started processing my negative feelings …

EP#1: Welcome to The Happy Gynecologist!

Welcome to The Happy Gynecologist!  Today we are diving in to the world of burnout as it exists amongst practicing OB/GYN’s. I will teach you some basic tools to get started on tackling your own burnout and help you on your way to loving your time at work again.  Podcast: Play in new window