How to Handle Complications and Bad outcomes (Like a Boss)

If you would like helps moving forward after a complication or want to be prepared for the future, this is information that EVERY OB/GYN should know.

How to Gain More Confidence in the O.R.

Sometimes we feel less than confident in the OR, which can lead to us not bringing our best skills, not enjoying it and worrying a lot. In this webinar, I walk you through the steps to gain more confidence so you can enjoy operating again.

Your Relationship with Your EMR

Do you struggle with charting, tasks and all things EMR? Improving your relationship with your EMR is the first step in making charting a NON-issue.

Morning Routines for Success

Having a good morning routine is KEY for having a successful day and for taking care of yourself--and it can be LIFE CHANGING. But how do you enact changes when you are exhausted? And what parts are key? Let me teach you in this webinar!

The REAL Way to Lose Weight as an OB/GYN

As OB/GYN's we live a busy and chaotic lifestyle that often makes it hard to focus on eating right. Let's talk about REAL ways to lose weight.