EP#41: How Medicine Makes Us Committed to Suffering

Medicine teaches us many things. It teaches us to spot abnormalities and anomalies and disease. So often, it is also modeled to us that we should hate call, that the ER likes to punish us and that patients are wasting our time.  These are lessons we learn over years of training that we accept to be true. These lessons condition our brain to be Committed to Suffering. We look for the ways that our job causes us to suffer. We revel in misery. We find comradery in complaining. But what if it didn’t have to be like that? What if call didn’t suck? What if the ER’s aim wasn’t to punish us?  

Come learn some valuable tools for dealing with our Commitment to Suffering that medicine has taught us and learn how to re-wire that conditioning in a way that serves you better.