Hi, I’m Amanda!

My struggle with burnout felt hopeless.

There were no resources out there that fit my life or the unique struggles we face as OB/GYN’s.

The only guidance I could find was the usual bullshit saying “do yoga.”

Finding my inner Happy Gynecologist launched me on a mission to BE the resource and CREATE the guidance other OB/GYN’s need when things aren’t going as planned.

You’re in the right place Friend.


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Where Did “The Happy Gynecologist” Come From?

Amanda Miles MD, FACOG, Certified Burnout Coach
Amanda Miles MD, FACOG, Certified Burnout Coach

When I was burnt-out, I was an emotionally exhausted shell of my usually optimistic self. I was cynical and easily frustrated with my family, my staff, my patients, and myself.

I kept telling my husband "I just want to be a happy gynecologist again."

I tried everything to get out of "my funk." I talked with my doctor about whether I had postpartum depression (I did not), I took vacation, I even quit my job.

Yet, my burnout followed me.

I knew if I didn't solve my burnout it would have dire consequences.
I discovered the solution in Coaching, and immediately knew that I had to share this work with other OB/GYN's.

While maintaining my busy practice, I began taking Coaching certification classes and researching burnout extensively, because I knew other OB/GYN's needed REAL solutions for burnout.

I knew OB/GYN's out there needed help with burnout in a way that addressed the unique struggles we face every day.

The tools I have developed are specifically designed to address the real causes of burnout with the goal of helping as many OB/GYN's as possible.

Because no one should struggle to find their Inner Happy Gynecologist again.

Thus, The Happy Gynecologist was born!

What Other Happy Gynecologists Are Saying

Coffee with a Friend
Amanda’s podcast is like having coffee with a friend who knows EXACTLY how you’re feeling because she walks your walk on a daily basis. Having her coaching to help process the days events and to help me become a better Obgyn is priceless. Thank you Amanda from the bottom of my heart! You are so generous with your love and advice for your fellow OBGYN 🙌

5 ⭐ Podcast Listener
5 ⭐ Podcast ListenerDCL Dreamer

You WILL NOT regret it!
The Happy Gynecologist Group is one of the exceptions to the rule of "too good to be true", Amanda is able to speak our "language" and coach on recurrent challenges that have kept you from living your best OB/GYN life! If you are questioning whether or not to do it, then the answer is yes, you will NOT regret it! The work in this course will provide tools for you to use in your daily life, from one OB/GYN to another, give it a try!

Happy Gynecologist Group Member
Happy Gynecologist Group MemberMeredith

Practical and Necessary
Dr. Miles has practical and easy to implement advice for getting the most out of a career we love but that has the danger of taking away our spirit. Listen if you’re experiencing burnout or if you’re just starting out and fresh to help avoid the pitfalls, and for every career stage in between!

5 ⭐ Podcast Listener
5 ⭐ Podcast Listenerjmb1324

My life is changed forever
I feel like a completely different person than I was 6 months ago. I actually enjoy going to work and no longer dread it. I am more present with my family at home and more present with my patients in clinic. The Happy Gynecologist Group is such a game changer!

Happy Gynecologist Group Member
Happy Gynecologist Group MemberStephanie

Are You Ready to be a Happy Gynecologist Again?

Today, I’m on a mission to make sure YOU have what you need to change your life. You deserve the freedom, the happiness and most of all - the HOPE.

And you deserve to beat burnout in a way that works.

The Happy Gynecologist Group has already helped many OB/GYN's, just like you, find their inner Happy Gynecologist again.

Now it’s your turn.

You in?