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You’re exhausted and overwhelmed. You want to quit and go live on a beach. You hate your job or wonder “what’s the point?” You feel like you don’t have time to do all of the things you are supposed to do each day, much less make yourself a priority.

Because you’re stressed, because you’re exhausted, because you’re just trying to “stay afloat.”

And survive.

You aren’t enjoying life like you pictured you would. You are barely getting by day to day trying to keep it all together.

I Can Help You.

My program is the perfect solution for the busy doctor who wants to feel good again, mentally and physically.

Together, we’ll find out what’s really causing your overwhelm and burnout, and address what’s holding you back from loving life everyday.

And we’ll delve into the belief systems you have that are ultimately holding you back from loving your life.

How Does It Work?

In my OB/GYN-only coaching program, we do our coaching online. This makes getting the help you need possible, no matter how crazy your schedule is.

In this program, you learn everything you need to know to become a person that loves their job and their life again.

You learn how to create the life you want, and emerge from burnout to become the OB/GYN you’ve always imagined.

What Will I Get?

Once you’ve completed my program, you’ll have discovered all the reasons you ended up burnt-out in the first place and will have worked through them.

You will learn how to better your relationship with yourself and to make yourself a priority.

You’ll understand how your brain works for you and against you and how to continue to coach yourself as new challenges come up in your life.

You will gain numerous tools in your toolbox to create the life you want.

What Now?

If you’re a generalist OB/GYN or sub-specialist, click on the button below to enroll in my 6 month group coaching program, The Happy Gynecologist Group.

Still Not Sure?

You may be thinking “this all sounds good but how will I ever find the time to keep up with this each week?” Or “I’ll do it once my kids start consistently sleeping through the night.” Or “this isn’t going to work as long as I’m taking q3 call” I completely disagree!

This is the perfect time for coaching.

As you know, life generally doesn’t get simpler or easier. No one is going to free up time each week for you and tell you “here’s your time for life coaching!”

And before you know it, another year or decade has flown by and you’re right where you are now, or possibly more burnt-out, or maybe you’ve even left medicine.

Find the time to invest in yourself and your mental and physical health now.

You’ll be so much happier moving forward so that you can be fully present and engaged in your life.

Free Mini Sessions

I’d love to answer your questions and take you through my Before and After process in a free Mini Session. To schedule your free session, email me at:

Or fill out this email for to message me directly with some times that work for you!