EP#10: Achievement

Medicine is full of achievers. Most of us identify as one. But what this sometimes looks like is postponing our happiness until we achieve the next great thing. It sometimes looks like striving for more and more to find our happiness. But often when we achieve the next great thing, the happiness is short lived or absent. This is known as Arrival Fallacy, and many of us fall into this in medicine. We postpone our happiness until we are done with med school, then residency, then boards. What I teach you today, is a system that I teach my clients to start finding that sense of achievement every day, without having to bust your ass to do more, earn more or achieve more. Because the things you are doing are enough, right now, in this moment. You are enough. The system I teach you trains your brain to generate the feeling of accomplishment and pride every day. AND it can help you blow your own mind with results. So tune in and let me share the love!

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